Profile Bass: review

ProfileThe upcoming issue of Bass Guitar magazine has a review of the Profile bass… here are a few excerpts…

Bruce Thomas was known in the middle years of his career for playing a salmon-pink Fender Precision, but this splendid instrument – responsible for many of his best bass parts – was pinched by some callous swine in the 1980s. In that instrument’s continued absence, Thomas has got together with Barry Moorhouse of the Bass Centre to create a bass that mirrors the many modifications that Thomas made to the original.

As Thomas himself puts it, “Anyone who’s watched the development of the Profile bass over the past couple of years will know that it’s not a stock bass I’ve simply added my name to, but a genuine, personally developed signature guitar. Our intention was not to produce a replica model or a phoney vintage guitar, but to create a new instrument true to the spirit of the original – a bass that’s a joy to play. I’m happy to say that’s now been achieved.”

So let’s give the Profile a spin, just to let you know what you’re getting…

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Stop the Clock

A  quick improvisation with the other bass.

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f6d52915c7724ef8c993f0ef1c1e5b19Forgive my vanity and indulgence here, but I was forced to LOL (as they say) when I read the comments on a guitar tab for Crimes of Paris (a poignant title, to be sure) on the website…

“The tough thing about Crimes of Paris (as in many EC songs) is that he’s actually only playing five chords on the guitar, but the changes in the bass notes and the vocals are what you really hear. So, if you play it by yourself the way EC does on the album, it sounds like you’re missing a lot of important changes – and you are.

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Needle in a Haystack

One of my practice songs – the Velevelettes Needle in a Haystack, from when I was knee-high to a grasshopper — before the days of quantizing and ‘drop-ins’ we had to play in time – after a cold shower and a 10-mile run, of course.

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Oh Well

RN WebThis review from one Amazon customer puts it so well that I’m now  accused of being ‘him’!



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New Interview

Bruce1994I’ve just done a new interview for Mr Harry Pye in his excellent  Rebel  magazine.

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New! New! New!

Here’s a new post … featuring my new YouTube clips … using my new guitar … to promote my new book.

(Yep … that old trick.)

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Rough Notes

RN Web

‘A most entertaining hybrid of memoir and cultural history’: Rock-n-Reel Magazine.

More info on the Rough Notes page …or at Amazon UK and Amazon US




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