New! New! New!

Here’s a new post … featuring my new YouTube clips … using my new guitar … to promote my new book.

(Yep … that old trick.)

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Rough Notes

RN Web

‘A most entertaining hybrid of memoir and cultural history’: Rock-n-Reel Magazine.

More info on the Rough Notes page …or at Amazon UK and Amazon US




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New Toys

$_57dano rumor bassThese are a couple of Danelectro basses recently imported from the US. Left, is a Hodad with three lipstick tube pick-ups and a state-of-the-art “Selectomatic” tone switch. The other, is the Rumor Bass (also known as the Danoblaster) which has a built-in chorus effect. Both are long-scale and, as they are made from plywood and Masonite, are pretty lightweight. Both have that Mosrite body shape and a sparkle finish, too – very “surf”. I’ll be doing YouTube clips with them in the near future.

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Who did it?!


The Who claim that their set at Glastonbury was one of their worst they’ve ever done because the equipment was sabotaged.

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Chris Squire 1948-2015

Another one bites the dust.

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With all this talk about the Who — I thought it might be a good time for a pic of the band.





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Andy Fraser 1953-2015

So another great bass player passes. Free’s Andy Fraser had a very original approach to playing … ‘less is more’  …as exemplified in the classic track, All Right Now, which he co-composed with my ex-Roadrunners cohort, Paul Rodgers.

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A Pensioner Writes

Y0u may recall that not long ago I was involved in an exchange with those two grand gentlemen of letters, Wilf Turnbull and Derek Philpott, who write to various pop songsmiths to point out the anomalies in their lyrics. For example…





Dear Mr. Costello,

Re: Everyday I Write the Book

I am perplexed my bespectacled friend. Either one is to assume that you pen a tome every twenty-four hours, or you have been working on the same one for some decades now. The former suggests works of dubious quality and the latter a case of writer’s block. Please clarify.

Yours etc.,


They’ve now decided to publish all their letters and have set up a webpage to invite crowdfunding of their project. You can read about it and join in here.


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