New Book !!!

Available now from Amazon EU …or Amazon US …or see the pagemwku-meme-copy

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…and grainy images

rngi-website …rummaging through the shoe box of old photos in the attic last week, I found a few interesting ones …

…so I’ve upgraded Rough Notes with them …

… “just in time for Christmas” (some might say) …

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New Book!!!

For more information visit the page… Or buy from Amazon UK …or Amazon US


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Enter the mind of Bruce Lee

BTLPICCOVERI’ve contributed to an article – Enter the mind of Bruce Lee – just published on the CNN website…

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_0453Here’s one from the archives I only happened upon recently … anyone know where it is … and when?


Bob Foulks just sent me the second image — but this gig was a full three months before my bass was re-sprayed — so it must have been ‘colorized’.





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Bass Tabs

Free bass guitar tab sheet music, For He's A Jolly Good FellowAn increasing number of people keep asking if there’s a book of  tablature or scores of my bass parts. It’s a project I tried to get underway a while ago with a guy called Paul Wolfe.

The problem is that once you attach the parts in any way to the chord structure or lyrics of the song in question, copyright issues become involved, and EC’s music publishers Hal Leonard basically made the entire project non-viable.

There is a certain amount of irony involved as many of the songs presented to us were completely restructured or redefined around the bass part I came up with -such as Chelsea, Girls Talk and B-Movie. Even when my bass lines are sampled or reproduced -like the Oz band Rogue Trader did with Pump It Up – the copyright remains with the songwriter. So all I can say is “Sorry, folks”.

There are a few tabs available by individuals in various places online, but it’s by no means a comprehensive selection.

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Kindle version now available

RNx1 post


Rough Notes is now available, worldwide, on Kindle.




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