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Rough Notes is now available, worldwide, on Kindle.




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  1. Josue GCN. says:

    Bruce, is this true, the re-recording of MY AIM IS TRUE with the Attractions? Or is it just a Legend? Or do I have to buy the book to find out?
    Here is an example, a page about Stiff:
    “Costello’s official website states that on 16 July – the day after the gig in Plymouth – they went into a small studio to “re-record My Aim Is True”. Dave Robinson and Jake Riviera’s plan was to substitute the Attractions’ fresh recording of the album once copies of the original Costello had made with American bar band Clover had sold out. The record was never officially released, although at the time a British paper reported it was due to be issued in America.”

    • Bruce says:

      I’ve heard that story before. It’s not true. We never re-recorded the album. We did some live versions of some MAIT tracks, but they are well-known about.

  2. GSR says:

    Well Bruce, I just finished “Rough Notes”. I enjoyed it, thanks for putting it out.
    It was my “bathroom book”; don’t laugh, I always keep a book in “the facility” and one in the bedroom, so I’m reading two at the same time.

    Not that you asked but here are my thoughts (I apologize for being long-winded).

    As a fan of EC & the Attractions since 1978, I especially enjoyed your thoughts and remembrances from the various albums over the years. A real quick peruse of the main albums –

    My Aim Is True – very good (but I know the Attractions weren’t involved).
    This Year’s Model – great (though not a fan of “Night Rally”, the USA release with “Radio Radio” as the finale is better).
    Armed Forces – good, perhaps a bit too “prissy” and artsy for an American’s taste but still good.
    Get Happy – perhaps my favorite album.
    Taking Liberties – I know only a compilation of b-sides and oddities but still good.
    Trust – very good.
    Almost Blue – not bad, sounds like you guys were half drunk during the recordings (not necessarily a bad thing!).
    Imperial Bedroom – ah, a little too self-indulgent and pompous for my taste. Sorry, I just hate strings in pop music and the lack of drums! LoL
    Punch the Clock – yuck
    Goodbye Cruel World – yuck (and this guy slams Linda Ronstadt? She never made anything as schmaltzy as “Everyday I Write…”, “The Only Flame…” or “I Wanna Be Loved”)
    King of America – good but not my taste, “Suit of Lights” is my favorite.
    Blood & Chocolate – good.
    Spike – over-produced, over-arranged, boring, too many lyrics.
    Mighty Like A Rose – over-produced, over-arranged, boring, too many lyrics.
    Brutal Youth – very good, perhaps should have dropped a couple songs, would have made a stronger album over-all.
    All This Useless Beauty – good, not great.

    When you’re young “This Year’s Model” and “Armed Forces” were sooooo great but when you age and mature, one tires a bit of the clever, clever wordplay and “anger” (over what?); consequently “Get Happy” and “Trust” (and “Brutal Youth”) are albums I can listen to as an adult.

    Just my two cents….once again, I enjoyed your book and thanks for all the fun and memories and wonderful bass playing over the years!

    GSR (Ray in Plymouth, Michigan USA)

    • Bruce says:

      Thank you for your observations. It’s amazing how Get Happy has worked its way to the top of a lot of people’s lists over the years — decades — centuries 🙂

  3. Martin Lower says:

    Really enjoying the book Bruce. Second cousin once removed here…. My son Will is learning guitar and sticking to your advice you gave a year or two back about half an hour a day. He’s really coming on. He’s asking for an electric guitar now and he wants to play bass. Do you think it’s OK to get an electric guitar now? How did you do it?

    • Bruce says:

      A little and often is the way to learn anything. Yes, get him a guitar — or a bass. Why wait? I started on a home made bass and just copied simple parts off records. It’s easier now you can ‘loop’ tracks on a computer — and there’s loads of tution videos on YouTube. There are even quite a few or my bass lines up there by various people.

  4. Mike Miller says:

    The purple pic has proven to be quite timely.

  5. Mike Miller says:

    For longevity’s sake, I mean.

  6. Mike Miller says:

    Probably a good thing you’ve shifted your career path.

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