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  1. Frank Nelson says:

    Hi Bruce,

    You asked about a picture of you and where it was it had a big open amphitheater at the back I believe it was Crystal Palace.

    Very excited to be buying your signature model in April hoping it has the exposed pick ups too.

    • Bruce says:

      You’re right, it was Crystal Palace. If you specifically want exposed pole pieces, please e-mail Barry Moorhouse at the Bass Centre and specify them with your order. I’ll also make a note to remind him when I next see him. Cheers, Frank.

  2. Bruce of America says:

    Hey again, fellow Bruce. Any thoughts on the 2-3 year reunion by Graham Parker and the Rumour after so long? I consider The Attractions, The Rumour, and Rockpile the best of that era in terms of enjoying the playing.

  3. Adam Kent-Isaac says:

    “[L]ord’s own instrument” – Bass Guitar Magazine

  4. BorisBrain says:

    Hey Bruce, hope all is well.

    A quick historical question if I may. Did you have the opportunity to team up with Pete and Steve in the house band for Jonathan Ross’ show back in the day? Would have been the perfect to see you with those two, and some of the guests they backed…



    • Bruce says:

      I did have the opportunity, but I declined because I thought it would somehow devalue the Attractions ‘brand’ and I thought we were better than journeymen musicians. Of course, Pete ‘I’ve got a mortgage’ Thomas’s missus didn’t necessarily see it that way 🙂 in hindsight, I think I did the right thing. …Though of course I should regret missing the opportunity to back Rolf Harris.

      • BorisBrain says:

        Cheers Bruce.

        I’ve never been a fan of Mr Ross, but always put up with his babbling just for the musical sections of that show, which seemed a lot of fun. I genuinely thought it was a shame you weren’t up there too, as I really wanted the Attractions to endure post-EC given the strength of musicianship, the incredible grooves and the broadness of the repertoires you’d hitherto embraced. However, it’s interesting to now learn why. Respects on preserving the brand. That legacy will never go away.

        Stay groovy,


  5. Mike Miller says:

    Are the pickups different now? Mine has exposed pole pieces.

  6. BorisBrain says:

    Cool. Well done Bruce.

    I do like the look and sound of my P-bass, but generally only use it for recording these days as the neck is so unplayably wide for someone with short fingers like mine. It’s always back to the Jazz for gigs, with its lovely slim neck. The specs on the Profile, with its slimmer neck, continue to impress me, though you’re just going to have to stand on Mr Moorhouse’s tezzers and get him to make a lefty ; )

    Stay groovy,


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