Bruce’s Hall of Fame


When I posted the clips for my new Profile Signature Model Bass on YouTube, I found quite a few bass players who’ve taken the time to cover some of my parts … because they like them.  Here’s a selection of some of the best … Nice playing, one and all …





Pump It Up – Geant Kor Grand Di

There are several versions of this bass part online, but I like this one because it’s played standing up (with the bass worn at the right height) and it grooves. The exotically-named bassist has EQ’d out most of the original bass part, so the playing you hear is his.


This Year’s Girl – Wes Mitchell

This sounds great on Wes’s Rickenbacker and lends the end a bit of a Macca feel.  Note the ‘other’ Beatle bass in the guitar rack …


Love Went Mad – John C McCain

I’ve included two performances by John McCain of South Portland, Maine — who plays tracks that are not often chosen, both from the Punch the Clock album. The first is played on a full-size bass that looks a more than a little familiar.  What I like about John’s playing is his articulation — he keeps it crisp and tight. 


Lip Service – Jean Michel Jodon

The enigmatic Frenchman has done a great version here …


Accidents Will Happen – Troy Hughes

I’ve also put up two selections by Troy, because he gets all the notes right — even my noodling and doodling on the outro.  The guys behind him look like a fairly typical Attractions’ audience, too.


TKO – John C McCain

John’s second track is played on a scaled-down practice bass …


Oliver’s Army – Troy Hughes

Another ‘note-worthy’ version by Troy to round things off …

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