Hall of Fame #2

Having seen the post about Duck Dunn below, my buddy Jeff Owens at Fender sent me a YouTube clip of Ryane Askew’s cover of 5ive Gears in Reverse — a bass part of mine wholly modeled on Duck Dunn’s playing.

So I thought it might be appropriate to have a couple more clips of bass covers on the site.  (Although no-one seems to have picked up on the fact that the repeated melodic figure at the end of this track is actually a bass overdub, and not a guitar part.)



Ryane Askew / 5ive Gears in Reverse

Ryane of Fort Worth, Texas, is a trained clarinetist and jazz pianist but has recently started learning bass by ear from records — and appears to be progressing at the speed of light, as she’s only a few months into it.  She’s continuing a fine tradition, as that’s exactly how I learnt to play bass.  The first record I got down was Booker T’s Green Onions album — before moving on to Fresh Cream. (Ryane does a cool version of Steely Dan’s Peg on her YouTube channel — and she’s got seriously cool hair too!)


Colin Peters / (I Don’t Want to go to) Chelsea

This is the best cover I’ve heard of  ‘Chelsea’, possibly because Colin lives in South London.  He gets the subtle note variations in the chorus that not many others pick up on and plays with a real feel for the part.


Crank Up the Amps / Watching the Detectives

 Once I’d stumbled across this clip, how could I leave it out!

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