Who did it?!


The Who claim that their set at Glastonbury was one of their worst they’ve ever done because the equipment was sabotaged.

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  1. For some reason I get early Attractions vibe from this song by Sublime (Ball and Chain, beginning at 2:07 – the first part of the track is a highly embellished cover of reggae standard ‘5446’.) The on-point rhythm section, the earnestly youthful lyrics occasionally lapsing into outraged yelling, the Reggae flavoring, etc…


    • Bruce says:

      Yes — I couldn’t play reggae properly either 🙂

      • I’d consider Watching the Detectives to be a sort of Reggae, and I think the live versions of it that you play on, are great. (My favorite of them is probably ‘Hollywood High’ but am also partial to the ‘Pink Pop’ and ‘Koln’ versions which are posted on Youtube.’) You do throw in a lot more walking than on the album version, which I like.

      • Bruce says:

        ‘Sort of reggae’, is what I’d call it, too.

  2. BorisBrain says:

    Hey Bruce, hope all is well.

    Thought you might enjoy this, if you haven’t seen it already.


    Stay groovy

    • Bruce says:

      I didn’t watch it — am I in it?! Rick Wakeman, on TV a lot these days. Managed by a guy at the BBC. Pure coincidence.

      • BorisBrain says:

        Regrettably you’re not in it. In fact the entire Live Stiffs tour is conspicuous by its absence. However, the second LS tour on the train pops up, along with talking heads from Dave Robinson, Norman Watt-Roy, Rat Scabies and similar rocknroll alumni. Worth a watch.

      • Bruce says:

        I’m glad you watched it for me.

    • Bruce says:

      A blonde gets on a elevator and a man is standing there and she turned and
      smiled at him and said; “Hi… T.G.I.F.”
      ” S.H.I.T. ” replied the man
      “Excuse me…how rude T.G.I.F.” responded the blonde
      “S.H.I.T.” replied that man
      “Maybe you don’t know what I am saying, T.G.I.F means Thank Goodness It’s
      ” You didn’t understand me, S.H.I.T… “Sorry Honey, It’s Thursday”

    • Bruce says:

      Some us ‘fall over’ ON stage — much cooler. (Hollywood High School. Luckily no video exists.)

      • Mike Miller says:

        Please elaborate.

      • Bruce says:

        Opening song — Accidents — pissed — end up with head inside bass drum — track recorded live — never missed a note 🙂

      • Roddy Ring says:

        A proud moment. Reminds me of a show years ago. At the break I went to grab a pint. There was one of my friends, holding up his girlfriend. She was pissed. He asked me to hold her up and he’d get the beers. 15 minutes later, when he hadn’t returned and it was time to go back on. I grabbed a folding chair, set it on the stage near me and played on. Had to straighten her up a few times, but she never actually took a dive.

      • Bruce says:

        But then I already know what a gentleman you are.

      • Roddy Ring says:

        I’ll confess to some impure thoughts, but there was too little time and too many witnesses to act on them.

      • Bruce says:

        You should’ve been a politician, then nobody would’ve ‘seen’ whatever you got up to.

  3. Roddy Ring says:

    Thanks. Those chompers will make it hard to sleep tonight. Very funny, otherwise.

  4. Mike Miller says:

    You were there…does this explanation hold water?

  5. Roddy Ring says:

    An odd excuse when the most likely saboteur of their equipment is (was and will always be) Mr. Townshend.

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