How long did they think they could get away with it!

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  1. Nick S. says:

    LOTS of popular anniversaries the past week or so. Apparently it just was Dr. Who’s 50th. Were/are you into Dr. Who? And on the radio today, I heard it’s the late Duck Dunn’s birthday. I believe the (Beatle-related) show’s host claimed that Macca wanted to record Rubber Soul in Memphis, but word got out and that nixed it.

    • Bruce says:

      I used to know one of Dr Who’s assistants!

      • Nick S. says:

        WHO was it?! (The late — and stunningly beautiful — Mary Tamm???!!!)

      • Bruce says:

        She was called Katy Manning — probably before your time!

      • Nick S. says:

        Jo Grant! I LOVED Katy Manning (so to speak). Jo Grant was spritely, mod, sexy, earthy, charming and fresh. (Not to mention her sexy pics with Daleks!) Jon Pertwee’s era (along with the late, great Roger Delgado) was probably my favorite. And only slightly ahead of my time. ;0) Cool, Bruce!

      • Bruce says:

        Right … here’s a collector’s item for you. Katy was the girlfriend of Peter Bardens, organist of Village.

      • Nick S. says:

        Wow! Lucky guy! Small world sometimes. My brother met Katy at a Dr. Who convention back in the ’80s, and found her very pleasant. And ahe was kind enough to pose for pictures.

  2. Nick S. says:

    Do you dig cartoons at all? I do/did. Is Dilbert popular in England? I like Scott Adams, and feel he is the rightful heir to Charles Schulz’s (Peanuts) throne. Adams has interesting and funny things to say outside of his comic strip as well. Thought of you as I read his curious post today about writing:

  3. Mike Miller says:

    Mr. Oswald is on full blast here…at least thru Friday. And the grassy knoll gig is a sellout.

    • Bruce says:

      Ah! you’re back! I missed you. Where’s Nick S. gone — had a better offer from another blog?

      There’s been a lot of Kennedy stuff on the TV here. One very plausible new theory that’s emerged is that the ‘third shot’ was fired accidentally by a secret service agent who had drawn his weapon to turn and fire at the school building, but had triggered it in the rush.

      Having said that, I’ve stood on that grassy knoll myself, and if you look at the way the motorcade was diverted from the main drag to do that hairpin turn in front of the school book depository, the whole thing screams “set-up!”

      As for where I was when JFK was shot: believe it or not, the rumour was spreading through the queue as I was on my way in to see the Beatles. How’s that for zeitgeist?

      • Bruce says:

        Crikey! And a very 1950s support bill I’d all but forgotten about. In that context, the Beatles were no less startling than Martians landing.

      • Mike Miller says:

        I was 10 years old at the time and from a small rural town in NW Kansas. In my 5th grade class there were about 17 students.
        There was a classmate of mine, Lloyd Dick, that was born with some long name disease I don’t recall. He was a very smart student, but small and frail. It was probably known my most of the adults that he wasn’t destined to have a long life.
        On Friday Nov 15th,1963 he died suddenly. Early in the next week was his funeral. School was called off so all could attend. Myself and five other of his classmates were chosen as pallbearers. The small methodist church was packed to the rafters. Images of that experience are burned into my memory.
        Then, a couple of days later was 11-22-63. Today they would be bringing grief councilors in by the truckload.
        At a class reunion a couple of years ago, I was talking about all this to one of my classmates.
        She remarked: ” Oh, I forgot all about that little Dick boy!” True story.

      • Bruce says:

        Not something you would forget.

      • Nick S. says:

        Hey, Bruce. I’m still here. Have had some health problems lately.

      • Bruce says:

        I’m sorry to hear that my friend. I hope you’re on the mend. It’s good to have you back — I was getting worried that I’d scared with off with some of my misplaced humour.

      • Nick S. says:

        Thanks, my friend.

        Do you think that Kennedy being the first Catholic American President had anything to do with his untimely demise?

        Also, I’d read in a newspaper today that Kennedy had a falling-out with Frank Sinatra. I have Irish-American friends (Kennedy-lovers, too) whom I seem to recall believed that the mob (Italian-American) did their hero in.

      • Bruce says:

        I think there were a lot of vested iterests who had reason to want JFK out of the way. Take your pick.

      • Nick S. says:

        Any lasting impressions from that Beatles’ live show you’d care to share? Right now on the radio, I’m listening to an interesting program about The Beatles/BBC Archives ’62 – ’70.

      • Bruce says:

        I have — but I may well make them into a post at some point in the near future.

      • Nick S. says:

        Sounds good. The Beatles story, music and impact remain fascinating.

    • Mike Miller says:

      I was there in 1980 or so. The thing that struck me was how small the area actually was compared with the photos I’d seen.
      I tend to fall in with the crowd that thinks Oswald was in on it, but had help most likely unknown to him. I don’t think they could of kept it quiet if the SS agent fired his weapon accidentally. And, what if Zapruder hadn’t shot his film?
      I’ve read many books on the assassination over the years, but I think this one is one of the best:

  4. Mike Miller says:

    Pretty amazing what a photo of some old farts in surfing related garments will do for a blog.

  5. Ashley West says:

    Hi Bruce, If you check out the biography page of my website ( or facebook page you will see a photograph of me impersonating you impersonating me, during a magical week in St.David’s I think, some years ago. Ring any bells? You certainly rang a bell that woke me up. It would be good to catch up some time (watching you on Later just now). Keep strutting you stuff! Ashley

    • Bruce says:

      Of course I remember! That was the whole idea wasn’t it. That was a good week. By the way, didn’t you date my ex-wife for a while? That must’ve been a shock for both of you when you realized!! I’ll e-mail you, bro.

      • Ashley West says:

        Hey, wait a minute! I had no idea who she was! honest! – she replied to my add… or the other way round…I can’t remember. But when she said she had been married to a bass player, and then said who the the band was, I couldn’t believe it! Nor could she believe she had left one groupie (of a different kind you understand) for another!

      • Bruce says:

        It’s a wonder you’re alive to tell the tale.

  6. Martin Lower says:

    Hi Bruce – believe it or not I am a long lost relative of yours. Just after you joined the Attractions you popped down to visit us in Kent – your mum and Dad were visiting my parents (Phil & Betty) – I was about 9 – you played cricket in our back garden with me and my brother Pete – I then thrashed you at Subbuteo 🙂 We used to see your parents a fair bit back then, and I remember taking Roly(?) the dog out for walks with you dad, and going bowling with him. I stayed with your sister when I was 18 and have a picture of me replicating your postcard pic from Armed Forces, the one where you are blinfolded and carrying the large cassette player……
    Anyway, I’ve followed your career ever since, and have even converted my own two kids in to ‘Our Bruce’ fans. My 9 year old son was appalled to find The Imposters on You Tube recently – “where’s our Bruce?” he demanded to know!
    By the way, I’ve still got my vinyl copy of ‘Mad about the wrong boy’ by The REAL Attractions band…

    • Bruce says:

      So that must make my Auntie Louie and Uncle Phil your grandparents?

      • Martin Lower says:

        That’s right.
        My dad was your mum’s cousin – I have no idea what that makes us, 2nd cousins?
        I remember going to visit your Grandma, or my Great Aunt Nellie – I must have been quite small at the time – I see she gets a mention in The Big Wheel!

      • Bruce says:

        I’ll e-mail you separately, Martin.

  7. BorisBrain says:

    Interesting pic. That could well be Mr C in the middle, looking significantly more relaxed than usual, albeit balder and greyer. Slimmer, too. And if you stare at those shirts for long enough you’ll see a 3D picture emerge of a spectacular spinning song wheel. Or it might be a cheeseburger – my eyes aren’t so good…

  8. Paul Inglis says:

    If there was ever an outfit that should be called “The Imposters”…

  9. David Witherington says:

    Hey, Bruce. I grew up around Carolina beach music, but these “Attractions” were under my radar somehow. I’ll bet many regional bands got away with it until “the Google” came along. hehe. By the way, I was wondering what is your your favorite Elvis Costello & The Attractions album? It’s a tough question for me, but on any given day it’s either “This Year’s Model,” “Armed Forces” or “Get Happy!!” That string of pop perfection is why I kept listening. There are some excellent songs and albums afterwards, but to me these three are the vanguard of the Attractions sound. During those first four years, the anticipation between albums grew to new heights each time for me…a string of classics that are worthy of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction even if it had ended there. So you’re writing again? That’s wonderful, man. Keep us posted! 🙂

    • Bruce says:

      Thanks for your message, David. I pretty much agree with your appraisal of the early string of albums — but I think that at the moment TYM gets my vote. I never really stop writing, but hopefully I’ll have something I want to share with you all very soon. Now, away and wax your surf board 🙂

      • David Witherington says:

        S-s–s-surfing on the New Wave! (remember that slogan in the back corner of Stiff’s early pressings of “My Aim Is True”?). Thanks for the reply, Bruce. “This Year’s Model” never stops taking care of business…one of the tightest, most impressive band debuts in history. Everyone shines on that album, and it’s quite possibly Nick Lowe’s finest production ever. And I look forward to your new literary musings, no matter what path they take. Take care.

      • Mike Miller says:

        What’s your criteria for selecting TYM? Is it difficult to stand back and judge those recordings objectively?

      • Bruce says:

        It’s all entirely subjective.

  10. Where can I get me one of those shirts?

  11. Mike Miller says:

    I’m hoping these guys are not Americans.

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