A band!!

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 15.50.50 I haven’t seen this shot since it was first taken. In Tokyo we all went out and bought matching Japanese school blazers because they look so much like the jackets The Beatles wore at Shea Stadium.

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  1. BC says:

    Are you speaking of the mortality rate?

  2. Adam Kent-Isaac says:


    Love this or hate it? I happen to love it.

    • Bruce says:

      You can feel the room and see the tape machine turning as you listen to it. …When lo-tech is more vivid than digital could ever be.

      • Adam Kent-Isaac says:

        Great bass playing at the solo break after the key change at 3:15. Definitely sounds like a Precision! Also an outstanding choice of ending note for that guitar solo at 4:01 – beautifully dissonant.

  3. Roddy Ring says:

    Mismatched shoes are a nice touch that I’d forgotten. I remember one show – Imperial Bedroom I believe – where Declan came out in a bear costume to do “Back Stabbers”. Was that a one off or did that one get a few encores.

    • Bruce says:

      Ha Ha. That was a gorilla costume — apresent form Jake for his birthday. Unfortunately, when it came to singing the nose part of the costume stuck out so far that the mike was nowhere near EC’s mouth — and so he had to stuff it through the gap in the neck, between the body part and the head part. I do recall he was perspiring more than a bit to when he finally took it off 🙂 That outfit, like the Horace Barlow Experience,and me playing guitar and EC bass — was strictly a one-off.

  4. Bruce of America says:

    I’m just glad Billy Bremner got out alive. He’s one of my favorites. It probably took a few years off both your lives.

  5. Bruce of America says:

    You just needed some of those Cuban heel boots to complete the look. Three of Four band members in glasses. I wonder if that’s been matched elsewhere? (at least before the reunion concerts start). Saw a recent Adam Ant concert video. The big black frames and the pirate/Hussar look don’t mix too well. I suffered with glasses, then contacts for years till thankfully lasik came along.

    • Bruce says:

      As Chrissie Hynde said to me “does everyone in your band wear glasses – that’s a hell of a gimmick”. I bit my lip and refrained from pointing out the hell of a gimmick her own band had.

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