The Distractions!

I was recently alerted to San Diego tribute band, The Distractions. My only advice to them is to make sure the bass player has no literary ambitions – otherwise he’ll be out on his ear. (And to get himself a Profile Bass 🙂

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  1. Killer Watts says:

    Bruce, these guys are doing a pretty decent job, imho. I always wanted to be in such a band here in London, but didn’t get it off the ground. I never progressed beyond East London pubs, now at 54 I kinda gave up !
    My friend Terry is bass player in Who’s Who, they’ve been very successful for years, and make a pretty good living from it.
    Thanks for your great catalogue of work, Bruce.

  2. Bill Horvath says:

    I’m the bass player in The Distractions and while I enjoy reading quite a bit, no one will be reading anything by me anytime soon…

  3. John Foyle says:

    They got to meet EC last evening –

  4. Bruce of America says:

    Interesting about Steve Donnelly. Another Nick Lowe connection. British rock seems a lot more “six degrees of separation” than that of the US. (the working connection between artists, not the homosexuality and fraud) ; )

    • Bruce says:

      Probably more like two degrees of separation. There’s a guy called Pete frame who’s known for drawing up rock family trees. There are some amazing connections.

  5. Jerry Cohen says:

    Looks like they borrowed the drummer from a Cheap Trick tribute band…Wasn’t there a guy eons ago calling himself John Wesley Harding who adopted the EC vocal mannerisms a little too closely for comfort?

    • Bruce says:

      I did two albums with Wes and tbh I never thought he was such a soundalike. I’ll dig them out and have a listen.

      • Jerry Cohen says:

        I remember that. Wasn’t Pete involved as well? Maybe the similarity was in my ears only, but I also recall EC commenting on it, saying he couldn’t understand why someone would want to copy such a commercially unsuccessful voice!

      • Bruce says:

        Yes, Pete did the sessions too. Wes did a neat trick of marrying the woman who was in charge of all the in-store displays for his record company — with the result that there was a big cardboard cut-out of him welcoming browsers to every record store in the US …for a while. I don’t think it boosted sales that much.

    • Bruce of America says:

      I had two of the albums, “the name above the title” and “here comes the groom” I had heard the comparisions, but it was overblown I thought. Perhaps the appearance of two attractions was what you heard. I hear they had a pretty good sound themselves.

      • Bruce says:

        Steve Donnelly was the guitar player — who did a Suzanne Vega and a Tasmin Archer album with Pete and me. The playing on Wes’s album is fine – nothing to be embarrassed about at all.

    • Bill Horvath says:

      Ha! Our drummer is someone I’ve played with for years, but he’s never been in a Cheap Trick tribute band. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  6. Peter Le Chapelain says:

    They weren’t that bad all things considered, I’m not a huge fan of tribute bands though. Too many tribute bands and you reach a saturation point that sucks all the original bands out of a city, like my old home town of Sydney Australia. It got to the point where if you weren’t a slot machine or playing Cold Chisel’s Khe Sanh no one was interested.

  7. Mike Miller says:

    I see their website doesn’t work. Maybe that Japanese tour didn’t end well or EC’s attorney’s got after them.

    • Bruce says:

      If that’s the case, then shame on them.

      • Mike Miller says:

        They probably just broke up or forgot to pay their hosting bill. But, they were using his name and likeness. There was a punk band in KC in the 90’s called “Cher”. They got the call and just changed the name to “Cher UK”.

      • Bruce says:

        Nigel: “And then, we looked at each other and said…”
        David: “Said, look, why not?”
        Nigel: “…we might as well join up. You know?”
        David: “So, we became the Originals.”
        Nigel: “Right.”
        David: “And, uh, we had to change our name, actually.”
        Nigel: “Well, there was another group, in the East End, called the Originals and we had to rename ourselves.”
        David: “the New Originals.”
        Nigel: “the New Originals.”
        David: “Yeah.”
        Nigel: “And they became…”
        David: “…the Regulars.
        They changed their name back to the Regulars. And we thought we could
        go back to the Originals, but what’s the point?”

    • Bill Horvath says:

      Our website is up. Probably a temporary infarction.

  8. Bruce of America says:

    Genuine Imposters.

  9. David Witherington says:

    Impressive…even “Mystery Dance” is the Attractions’ live arrangement. The stage mannerisms are uncanny for all of them. And you’re right…the bassist needs the Profile! 🙂

    • Bruce says:

      I wish I could do as good an impression of Bruce Lee 🙂

    • Bill Horvath says:

      I DO need the profile, you’re absolutely correct! However, until we get more bookings, I can’t justify it. We’re in San Diego, CA and no one is busting down our doors for gigs. An EC tribute is a bit of a hard sell even though we’re represented by a very large tribute band agency.

  10. Mike Miller says:

    He’s got the vest and the glasses.

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