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I’ve recently done an interview for the online magazine Uber Rock. Visitors to this blog and readers of Rough Notes will be familiar with some of the material. But there’s always an opportunity for a new joke or a bad pun…


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  1. Bruce of America says:

    Oh I’d better not say what modification of “It’s Time” I came up with, then.

    Hey Bruce, scrolling through AllMusic.com artists I saw you credited at their site on “Quiet Please, the best of Nick Lowe” but couldn’t think of which of his tracks you might have played on. Is this confusion on their part due to various “peace, love, and understanding” recordings, or did all or part of The Attractions fill in on something? (like The Rumour on Breaking Glass, which btw I think has a really good bass part)

    • Bruce says:

      Off the top of my head — I played on his cover of Billy Fury’s “Halfway to Paradise” and possibly “American Squirm”.

      • Bruce of America says:

        Thanks. Made it on an album of outtakes. “So near, yet so far away!”

      • Bruce of America says:

        I won’t say whose website google found this on for me. It’d make one squirm.

        American Squirm
        Written by Nick Lowe
        Performed by Nick Lowe
        Produced by Nick Lowe
        Musicians Nick Lowe – vocals, 8-string bass, guitar
        Bruce Thomas – bass*****
        Billy Bremner – guitar, backing vocals
        Pete Thomas – drums
        Elvis Costello – backing vocals
        Released November 23, 1978
        Albums Labour Of Lust (US), 1979
        Singles Nick Lowe – American Squirm
        Collections 16 All Time Lowes, 1984
        Basher: The Best of Nick Lowe, 1989
        The Doings, 1999
        Quiet Please: The New Best of Nick Lowe, 2009
        Various Artists collections The Main Event, 1979
        Sharp (16 Sharp New Rock Acts), 1979
        The History Of Rock: Vol. 39, 1986

      • Bruce says:

        Did you add the five stars?

      • Bruce of America says:

        Yes, for clarity.

        Not to be too tiresome on the topic, but since the interview reminds the reader of “How to Be Dumb”, I always suspected that the bass line in that song’s chorus may have been intended to conjur up your bass part in “Next Time Round”.

      • Bruce says:

        No need to go looking for trouble – it’ll find you if it wants you 🙂

  2. Adam Kent-Isaac says:



    Humbly submitted for your feedback – a short (45 second) sound clip of a rough track of a recording in progress. I have two rules of bass playing. 1. Try to sound like Phil Lesh. 2. Try to sound like Bruce Thomas.

    Am I getting there?

  3. Bruce of America says:

    rejected song titles:

    How to be Pretentious

    Rock star to a talk show host

    God’s lounge singer

    Baby really did play around

    Why can’t a star stand alone (on stage)?

    The world and his much younger wife


    You guys stay in the complicated shadows

  4. David Witherington says:

    I had forgotten about that verse from “Hurry Down Doomsday”…at the time, I definitely thought it was aimed at you too. That’s one of EC’s more unlistenable tunes to me, as was much of that album. By that time, the Attractions’ absence was sticking out like a sore thumb. Great interview, Bruce…thanks for sharing!

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