RNx1 Front copyA new cover for Rough Notes for 2016…

“After the ‘lone star’ incident, the lighting man and I got together so that whenever we played Deep Dark Truthful Mirror — and Elvis got to the line ‘the sky was just a purple bruise’ — a beam would cut vertically through the darkness to illuminate me for a second or two, and I would stand there behind him, gazing over at him with a winning smile — a purple Bruce. I wonder if he ever found out…”

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  1. GSR says:

    Yeah, nicer cover photo I’d say than my edition – the green-ish one with a sort of “rough”, grainy photo of you on it Bruce!

    Just started the book, although my wife bought it for me for Christmas (I’m so behind in my reading!).

    Enjoying it very much, even though I’m not nor ever was a big city hipster, I always enjoyed your bass playing on EC’s albums. You guys were very good. As much as I enjoyed his lyrics, I think Costello got a little too “wordy” in the 1980’s, don’t tell him that or he’d probably track me down! 😉

    PS – “Girls Talk” is one of my favorite songs. Honestly. I love your bass work on it and also enjoy Edmunds and Lowe’s version and even Linda Ronstadt’s version. I always thought that was a gem that got lost in the shuffle of the times. Take care.

    • Bruce says:

      Yes, a lovely chap. You know there was once talk of him playing James Bond! He would’ve been perfect. That island certainly took a battering. But I believe he and his wife Judy went back there and built a cultural centre for everyone.

      • Mike Miller says:

        Yes, he would have. Sean Connery was the best in my opinion.

        See another one dropped today, Keith Emerson. Better keep your eye out for banana peels.

      • Bruce says:

        As someone remarked earlier today – ” I hope they don’t play any of Keith Emerson’s songs at his funeral — we don’t want it to go on for days.”

      • Mike Miller says:

        I had a ELP phase, ’74-’75 era. I always enjoyed Greg Lake’s work. Saw them in ’78. Palmer had like 9 thousand tom-toms.

      • Bruce says:

        Difficult to enthuse about them overmuch, once you kne the Clouds story. Our friend Dave Dawson/Derek Philpott is doing an podcast with Andy Duke about Clouds this weekend — and there’s a possibility that Clouds’ organist, Billy Ritchie, may now tell his story too. I’ll make sure I post any links.

  2. damian wood says:

    That is an ultra cool tie!

  3. Bruce of America says:

    No offense, and sorry to hit your wallet, but I just listed my first edition copy for sale on Amazon. If it’s any consolation, the used ones are going for nearly as much as the new ones. Like a fine car, a good book holds its value.

    But let’s face it, it’s not a re-read it kind of book. I will apply the net $15 I receive towards this.


  4. David Witherington says:

    When I read the book, that story made me laugh out loud…and made me wonder what you would have done for “Heart Shaped Bruise” if you had been there for the ‘Delivery Man’ tour! 😉 Nice new cover pic, and the perfect anecdote for it. You should send copies to Rolling Stone, Mojo and Uncut for some fresh reviews and new buzz.

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