CryFuntHmmm — not the neatest bass mod. you’ll ever see….

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  1. John Foyle says:

    Nice to see you being remembered in Dubai

  2. Mike Miller says:

    The drywall screws are a nice touch as well.

  3. Marshall Gooch says:

    Or one of those Zemaitis “H.R. Giger” monstrosities.

  4. Mike Miller says:

    In Kansas we would call that a “jick-ball” setup.

  5. Mike Miller says:

    Looks like an electrician’s bass. Hopefully it passed code inspection.

    • Roddy says:

      He should have had his carpenter buddy do the routing. But with a fresh coat of paint and a custom, over-sized pickguard (plectrum guard, scratch plate), it will be a masterpiece.

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