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The first thing about it that stood out was that the pickup is probably the loudest P-bass style pickup I’ve ever heard, and the low end response on it is astonishing! For sure, this bass can rumble the house! But it also has a clear ringing high end when the tone control is dialed up. Also notable is the sustain, hit a note and it’ll ring for nearly a minute … The neck is great! The fingerboard width is reminiscent of a ’60s P-bass, but the neck width is somewhat slimmer, making it really easy to play … The instrument is light and very comfortably balanced.
All in all it’s great instrument for the money, and it’s a world of fun to play. I’ve been using it nearly exclusively since I got it, and getting a lot of complements on it from other bass players. I have to say, out of the box I was a lot more pleased with it then with the last few new Fender basses I’ve bought. It certainly holds it’s own compared to other instruments of any price.  (Scott Reid)

The bass is a beautiful colour- that’s what strikes you first. Neck has a great satin finish and shallow profile which makes it very easy to play… a very distinct variant of the “P”. Sound is very much as one would expect from a split “P” configuration … a well-built, very playable, striking instrument. Comes with Elite Stadium 105s! … I thought I saw John McVie playing one on Sky News today – it looked like the headstock. Anyway, having played & owned the instrument for a few months, I think it is probably the most “Rod Mackay” bass I own & I have a lot of Fenders.  Tone, neck profile, colour, cost.  Good effort!   (Rod Mackay)

The bass arrived this morning. What a fantastic instrument. So lovely to play … Congratulations.  (Peter Gale)
The pickup output is considerably hotter than the standard “P” pickups. Really a great instrument!   (Mike Miller)
This bass is amazing and I make you responsible for making me total addicted to it.  (Carsten Holt)
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  1. Franko says:

    Hi, Bruce. From what 1964 specific time was your pink salmon Fender P-bass? mid 1963-mid 1964 or mid 1964-mid 1965 (the last Leo Fender’s 12 months before the CBS era)? Thanks.

  2. Mike Miller says:

    I was thinking how the tone of the Profile will soften a bit once the strings get some age and I was reminded of an incident some years ago at an outdoor gig/party I was playing at. I was just sitting in with some friends and there were two other bands playing that day.
    I don’t remember much about the first band, but they were some type of Mexican outfit. The guitar and bass player had no-name instruments that you would find at a pawnshop or sold at Woolworth’s.
    I had a metallic red P-Bass at the time and I was in the process of replacing the strings when the Mexican bass player came by and was admiring it. Feeling the spirit of the occasion, I offered the bass to him for their set.
    A short time later they were getting ready to start and I walked up to the Mexican to observe him with a can of 3-in-1 oil and a rag, wiping down my new strings and rosewood fretboard. When I inquired just what the fuck he was doing, he said: “It plays so much easier when you oil the strings”. My kind (and stupid) offer was immediately retracted.

  3. Mike Miller says:

    What was your goal in re-winding the pickups on your original Precision and what was the actual outcome?

  4. Mike Miller says:

    The Profile being played by my new engineer Justin, a good player in his own right. The pickup output is considerably hotter than the standard “P” pickups. Really a great instrument!

  5. Mike Miller says:

    Some years ago I bought a nice Traynor Mono B series 1, more out of curiosity than anything else. Plus, they are pretty rare, especially the first series, and finding one in great shape, is unusual.
    I know from your comments and stage photos I’ve seen, the Traynor was part of your stage rig for a lot of the early tours, maybe through Imperial Bedroom.
    The first thing I noticed is that amp has an unusual amount of treble gain and anything above the 9 o’clock position was excessive.
    Was yours this way? Love to hear any other comments about the amp.

    • Bruce says:

      I don’t think I kept it as long as Imperial Bedroom but I certainly had one to start with. Great amps, but there were quite a few variations on them so the Monoblock B was, as you say, quite rare. Can’t remember too much about how it sounded but I used it with two custom cabinets that each had an 18″ and two “long throw” 12″s. So… boom and click with no shortage of top end! My favourite speakers for bass are 10″ — as in the old SVT cabinets. There’s a company doing a rig with a load of 8″ speakers in that I’d like to her. I had a Peavey rig with 4 x 15″s in the US for a while — but only because it was free, it sounded very harsh! The old 1980s Trace Elliott amps were great but the new stuff seems to have been designed with Slipknot in mind! The other amp I really like were the old Acoustic 360s — though I don’t know if you’d even be able to find one these days.

  6. Bill Horvath says:

    I’ll have to save a bit and get one shipped to the U.S… Being in an EC cover band, it’s a must. Horrible timing (but still happy it’s here!). I just purchased a Fiesta Red P-bass from eBay and swapped out the active pickups for some Seymour Duncan SPB-1 pickups.

  7. BorisBrain says:

    Very nice looking bass. Don’t s’pose they’ve built any lefties?

    And a belated happy birthday, by the way. Stay groovy


  8. Paul Inglis says:

    Tempting. Very tempting. Much as I love my P-Bass this one looks a corker.

    Also, have you seen:

    It appeared on your birthday. It’s a little heavy on This Years Model, and only includes (EC & the) Attractions songs, but you can’t have everything (after all, where would you put it?)

  9. David Witherington says:

    Congratulations, Bruce, on the gorgeous design work. It is so sad that your original was stolen. Did you get to use it on the 90’s tours, or was this from the early years? Thanks and all the best to you with this. 🙂

  10. Mike Miller says:

    How many are being offered initially?

  11. Mike Miller says:

    My inquiry has been sent.

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